Edge Animate CDN Runtimes

  • Adobe Edge Animate - May 20, 2016

All the common runtime libraries of your ads when created by Edge Animate are hosted and served from a shared location, this increases their chances of being cached on the end users browser and ensurs that publishers do not include them in ad size calculations.

This snippet lists the links to the location of both Sizmek and Flashtalking HTML5 shared libraries.

Basic Greensock Animation 01 - Fade/Zoom Symbol

  • Adobe Edge Animate - May 19, 2016

Learn how to integrate basic Greensock animation into your Edge Animate Project. In this example, on mouse click we simply animate a circle up and down while changing the opacity:

Edge Animate Element CSS Value

  • Adobe Edge Animate - May 15, 2016

A simple was to change the CSS properties of a element or symbol in Edge Animate.

3D Card Flip

  • Adobe Edge Animate - May 2, 2016

Simulate an object spinning from front to back, this example show playing card being flipped over.

Video - Play Pause Hold Play Again

  • Adobe Edge Animate - April 21, 2016

This small piace of code lets you pause a video file after a set period time for a set amount of time, the video will then continue to play automaticy then loop.

Global Function

  • Adobe Edge Animate - April 19, 2016

A good place for your global functions would be to store them inside document.compositionReady

This small snippet shows you how to set up a global function and how to access it from anywhere.

Random Team Generator?

  • Adobe Edge Animate - April 19, 2016

This code snippet lets you specify 4 different teams, then randomly generate 2 matches as if it where a semi-final draw. By clicking a button the draw can be made over and over again.

Using x2 retina images in Edge Animate

  • Adobe Edge Animate - March 30, 2016

A simple hack to make the browser automatically select retina or non retina images in an AE project.

Global Variables

  • Adobe Edge Animate - March 1, 2016

If you have ever needed to access a variable from within a symbol and in addition change its value, then you need to make your variables global.

A 'global variable' is a variable that it can accessed and reset throughout your project from within any symbol at any level in your project.