Boolean Switch - MySQL / PHP / AJAX

  • Tumult Hype - January 2, 2018

This HYPE project contains a simple Boolean Switch that changes a MySQL database entry via PHP using jQuery Ajax calls and then updates HYPE accordingly.

This guide is designed for those who are already familiar with PHP and MySQL Databases.

Tumult Hype - Rich Media - Video Billboard

  • Tumult Hype - May 3, 2017

Here are a couple of starter templates for building a Rich Media Video Billboard with custom video controls using Tumult Hype.

Flashtalking Tumult Hype Build Guide

  • Tumult Hype - June 2, 2016

Here is a quick guide to getting started building a Flashtalking Video Ad in Tumult Hype.

Tumult Hype CDN Runtimes

  • Tumult Hype - May 20, 2016

All the common runtime libraries of your ads when created by Tumult Hype are hosted and served from a shared location, this increases their chances of being cached on the end users browser and ensurs that publishers do not include them in ad size calculations.

This snippet lists the links to the location of both Sizmek and Flashtalking HTML5 shared libraries.