Tumult Hype - Rich Media - Video Billboard

  • Tumult Hype - May 3, 2017

Here are a couple of starter templates for building a Rich Media Video Billboard with custom video controls using Tumult Hype.

Template 1

The first Billboard template starts with a video that fills the ad space and plays for <10 secs with no audio, when this video has ended the ad artwork will be revealed at the same time as a second video which will autoplay. The second video will be in a smaller frame and will include the custom video controls. When the second video finishes it will disappear and a small replay button will appear in the corner of the ad.

Template 2

The second template starts in the same way as the first template but when the second video has ended it will remain in place, a replay button will appear in the center of the video frame.


Both Templates use Greensock or all buttons animations.

Download Files