Facebook Cover Photo Dimension Options

  • Facebook - July 18, 2017

If you have already googled 'facebook cover dimensions' you will probaly have been informed to design your cover photo to 851 x 315 pixels.


As the majority facebook users now use their mobile devices to view facebook, it makes sense for you to design your cover photo to fit mobile devices. Instead of having the sides of your cover photo cut off on mobile, it would be better to design the cover photo to have the top and bottom cut off on Desktop instead.

Since facebook had a slight redesign the actual size you should be now using for desktop is 820x312, however with this size you will find that when the image is displayed on mobile the sides are cropped off, 130px each side to be precise.

To make sure that your mobile Cover will no longer have the sides cropped off you should set its dimension to 820x461, thats 461 pixels tall by 820 wide. The full image will then be displayed on mobile correctly but have 75 pixels top and bottom cropped off on desktop. However once you have uploaded your cover image into facebook you can adjust the cropping to your preffered position.

It is then up to you to choose which works best for your design. See the images below to see the difference:

Best For Desktop - 820x312


Best For Mobile - 820x461

One other thing to note is that it is best for you to save your cover photo as a PNG file and then upload it to facebook via the desktop, this will give the best end result once facebook has recompressed the image.

Please download the template files below.

Download Files